Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Final Repair Before Leaving...

Good Afternoon,

Well we made it home and I was going through my pictures and thought I would share the last procedure that I performed before we left. This young man came in and as you can see was pretty beat up. I was not sure how well his ocular function was but after I cleaned him up I was able to see that he was most fortunate. The globe of the eye was intact and he had no zygomatic or blow out fracture of the bony prominences around the eye. I asked this young man if it was alright to use his photos and he said that it was fine.

Here is how he looked right after we cleaned him up and I did my initial assessment.

The above two pictures, I am trying to see if there is any foreign body around the eye or in the wound.

Here I have given him some Demerol and Phenergan which sedated him a little.

Closing the lateral eye laceration.

Here he had a small flap laceration and though it is hard to see, he lost a portion of his left nare. It appeared as if a 'chunk' of tissue had been taken off during the injury. All I could do was close the flap and cleanse the area of missing tissue and allow it to heal secondarily

Finishing up the nose. These photos are not in the order of repair.

Working on the laceration on the brow. Here he seems to be a little disconnected. Praise the Lord for pain medications.

All finished...

And even though he doesn't look like it...he is another satisfied customer. I was honored to care for this young man if for no other reason than then 101st 'Screaming Eagle' Patch on his arm.
Well, thanks for checking in. In the above blog, I will share pictures of our return trip home.

You guys are AWESOME!!!

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