Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Appreciation of Mothers

I just want to write a quick note to let all of you mothers know how important you are to your children. Often times in the process of raising your children, you can become wore out and your task may seem tedious, but the positive impact that your love and direction has on your children cannot be measured. As a mother, you have the responsibility of instilling values, knowledge, and hope into your child and those are gifts that you give that will last your child a lifetime.

It is also important to know that you are not just raising a child but a future adult, a future spouse, and a future mother or father. The values that you instill into your child will point them in the direction that will carry them on their journey through life. Your child will look to you as a mother, as well as you fathers, to see what it means to be a parent. How you treat your child will often times be an indicator of how your son or daughter will treat their child.

The sacrifice that mother's make to raise their child pay quiet dividends that sometimes only you will enjoy. But deep inside you can be satisfied that you have devoted yourself to molding and developing a young child into a responsible and loving adult.

We have a saying in our company that goes, 'Let our work allow us to leave this place better than when we received it.' As a mother, you are leaving our world a child that will ensure that our society is better than when we received it.

God Bless you mothers for the love you give to our children. It is not often that mother's hear that they are appreciated, so I want to tell you all that your work does not go unnoticed. We as husbands and fathers see your love and kindness and though we don't say it often enough, we are grateful.

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Mary said...

What a timely subject! I know it comes from your heart when you make these kinds of posts. Check your AKO. And don't be jealous - I am bunny-sitting this weekend for Maddie. She needs her nails clipped and Les and I were lamenting over the fact of how inconvenient it is that you are deployed - if you were here she could just send her home with you to take care of it!