Monday, February 16, 2009

Ten Things I Miss...

Good Evening Everyone,

Today I was talking with a couple of our Lieutenants and we were discussing some of the things that we miss from home. I would like to share ten things that I miss.

1. I miss the laughter of children.

2. I miss petting an animal.

3. I miss having my own bathroom.

4. I miss a quiet nights sleep that isn't interupted with the sounds of helicopters,
jet, or explosions shaking me awake at night.

5. I miss regular television commercials.

6. I miss wearing my own clothes.

7. I miss being able to go to the kitchen and cooking my own food.

8. I miss going for a drive in the country or for a drive anywhere.

9. I miss my daughter jumping on my belly and attempting to tickle me as I lay on the couch.

And lastly but certainly not finally,

10. I miss being able to go through the day and not be reminded of this awful war.

I pray for peace and I pray for Godly intervention into this conflict.

"May peace rain down from heaven..."

Peace is the first thing the angels sang.
Peace is the mark of the children of God.
Peace is the nurse of love.
Peace is the mother of unity.
Peace is the rest of the blessed souls.
Peace is the dwelling place of eternity.

Pope Leo the Great


Adamgv said...

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Crystal said...

That is a wonderful list, and I bet your counting the days until you come home for leave. Tim and I were just talking about the things that we take for granted with each other, and how him being away makes you think twice. I used to complain about his snoring :)...but now, I am just thankful to have him sleeping beside of me again.

Jeff said...

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, we don't miss Tim's snoring. We used to think it was jets going over head that shook our rooms and woke us up, but apparently it was just Tim's snoring. It has been quiet since he left. :0)

How is Tim doing? Tell him we miss him terribly and that if he doesn't get back soon, we will send a team home to kidnap him and bring him back.

I'll pray for him and his family. I hope you are well.