Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back to the Desert...

Well, my leave is over and I will be flying back to Iraq tomorrow morning, Monday. As you can imagine I stayed pretty busy while here. Karis birthday was on the 6th so we had a swim party then a sleep over at our house with her and her friends. On the 9th we went over to Beef and Boards, which is a dinner theater in Indy, and we saw the play, 'Treasure Island.' It was suprisingly good. Karen and I have been season ticket holders for the Broadway series over the years and I must say that this little production was as well done as anything we've seen at the Assembly Hall.
I was unable to meet with Mary and Leslie as time didn't permit and we didn't have time the night we went to Indy for the play.
I did go out to work and say 'Hi' to everyone and to make sure that I still had a job when I return home.

Today we went to Easter Services at 'The Rock' They had a Passion type presentation and we wanted to see that. It was nice.

I did drink a humungous diet fountain soda. We don't have fountain sodas in Iraq so I really enjoyed that simple pleasure.

Tonight, I said goodbye to Karis. She will be spending the night at a friends house because Karen and I have to leave so early in the morning for the airport. She is doing so well with my deployment. She started getting a little bit of an attitude over the last few months with her mother but I straightened that out and now she is back on track.

Below is a photo of Karis that I took tonight before she went to Natalie's house. I am not sure where she gets her taste in clothing. It is so odd as Karen and I are very conservative people yet our daughter is a free spirited 60's type of child. I think she intentionally wears things to stick out. I thought maybe it was just a thing that she liked to do but all of her friends dress the same way. It baffles the imagination but there you have it. I guess wearing over the waist jeans, with an OP teeshirt, three IZOD's, and an Member's Only jacket probably seems weird to her. But I liked that ratted poofy hair that the girls had in the 80's and I also loved my hair parted down the middle and feathered back. Man, I miss those days. The Clash ROCKS!!! :0)

Anyway, I will write more when I get back to the vast wasteland of nothingness. I hope you are all well.
Yes, that is a striped purple shirt with a plaid skirt and red leggings.
Travis dresses this way when he's not on duty but he's a giant so we don't say anything to him out of sheer fear.
Travis and I cooking at the cookout we had right before I came home on leave. The salmonella poisoning that everyone got from the chicken had nothing to do with my cooking.
These are the tents we sleep in when we are in Kuwait. I took this at Ali Al Salem while going home on leave. It is a lovely place and I still have sand in places on my body that I cannot share with you on this family friendly blog.

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beeceem said...

We are sorry to hear that your leave is coming to a close and we have tried to petition for you to get 3 more weeks of leave. I think it was approved but since you have already left to come home then they said to just leave it the way it was. Maybe next time sorry. We miss you. HURRY HOME. IT'S MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING CRAZY!