Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bryan's Leave...

Well, tomorrow morning at 5:45 a.m. I will be taking Bryan to the airport to head home for his leave. I dread him leaving as I am going to miss him terribly, but I am so excited that he is going home to see his family. So, say a prayer for him that his trip goes well. We have become such a family here that when one is gone we all feel the loss. Yes, we will all work harder and longer hours and get less sleep and endure more stress and carry a heavier load when he is gone... but hey, Bryan don't feel bad for us enjoy your leave. :0)

Our soccer team lost to the Ugandan team 2-1. But we really played well during the second period and Bryan scored our only goal. It is so awesome that we can have countries from all over the world come together and enjoy eachother's company over a game of soccer. I love the military for so many reasons but perhaps the most admirable aspect of the military is the harmony that exist among soldiers. It transcends race, gender, religious, or political differences. We are brothers and sisters and we are family. No where in the world does this sort of bond exist.Today, I had the honor of re-enlisting one of our soldiers.

Spc. Mallory Wilson asked me to adminster the Oath of Enlistment and I was honored to do so. She is one of our finest and most intelligent soldiers. I believe that her future in medicine is limitless. So, congratulations to her for her commitment.

Our vaccination clinic inoculated its 10,000 soldier this week. Out of those 10,000 soldiers over 18,000 vaccinations have been given. Sgt. Edwards who is my NCOIC of the clinic has managed the clinic with just her and Spc. Byland. What an amazing effort those two have put in.

Enemy attacks have been on the decline as the weather has been clear. They prefer to attack in bad weather because they are more difficult to detect in inclimate weather. So, this has been a blessing.

Today, an Iraqi citizen walked in to the clinic and he had his hand wrapped in a dirty rag. I had the medics take him back to a room and when I unwrapped his make-shift bandage he had a degloving injury to his little finger. In other words, the entire skin and underlying structures of the finger was circumferentially torn away and the only thing he had was the bones of the digit. I cleansed it and immediatly pressure dressed it and sent him to the ER. He was taken to surgery and the finger was amputated. I felt badly for the man as he is a man who relies on his hands to make a living and he is now going to be laid up for a while. In Iraq there is no workman's compensation, so this injury will have a huge impact on his ability to make a living.

Two days ago, we received word that one of our soldiers, Spc. Weik's, house burned down. His wife and four children were safe, however, they lost everything. So, we sent him home to deal with relocating his family. Please say a prayer for him and his family.I have been busy writing.

In addition to working on 'Hannah KaReese and the Lost Art in Denmark' (working title), I have been outlining a new peice of fiction titled, 'The Wind Blows Peaceful' I am so excited about this story and am working hard to finish it before we leave Iraq.

My wife purchased me the book, 'The Boy in Striped Pajama's' I believe I mentioned this in an earlier blog. The book is a unique account of two young boys in the mist of the horrors of the Holocaust. I read the book on my way back from leave. Anyway, Drew, Bryan, and myself had our weekly movie night in my room and we watched the movie. It is a touchingly beautiful, and tragically ironic adaptation. If you get some time, please rent this movie.

Well, I have things to do. I want to thank everyone for checking in. Again, please pray for Bryan and for Spc. Weik and his family. I believe that the Lord works through the prayers of the faithful. Your prayers are much appreciated.

God Bless you all,Jeff


Anonymous said...

As my Mike Jones says... When all three of our girls go on dates they must wear t-shirts which say "My Dad is a Sharpshooter".

Pam Jones

J.Scott said...

You are correct. I am having that anticipatory stress that comes with my daughter liking boys. I am not sure how to handle it but I think I will be going out with her and her boyfriend, when she gets one at the age of 35, on dates. I saw the picture of your daughter's ankle how is she doing. It looks like she may have a distal fibular fracture. She has a lot so swelling. I have seen ankles like that and no fractures are noted but in either case she will need some down time. Good luck with that.
You husband is doing well and we are glad to have him back.

Thank care,