Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day...

Good Evening Everyone,

Well another year has passed and we find ourselves ready to celebrate perhaps the most deserving holiday of the year. Mother's day is this Sunday and I think it is important for us to recognize and appreciate the work and dedication that our mother's and our wives have delivered to us and our children. I have to say that being deployed and away from home we soldiers truly are thankful for our wives and mothers who are back home taking care of things. They are doing the job of two parents, they are devoting themselves to our families so that we can come over here and do the things that need to be done. They worry about us, support us, and most importantly, pray for us.

So, tonight I would like to dedicate this blog to our mother's and our children's mother. As a man, I sometimes don't realize all of the things that our wives and mothers have done to care for us and our families. Many women are working full time jobs and then coming home and working full time in our homes. A mother's role is so multifaceted. Sometimes they are teachers, sometimes they are nurses, sometimes they are accountants, and sometimes they are laborers. They are always a comforter and a counsellor and without them we husbands and sons would be lost.

So, thank you, mother's for taking care of our families. Thank you for the support you have given us and God Bless you for the internal instinct to put your family above yourselves. One day to celebrate your hard work is hardly enough but please know that we are appreciative and thankful for you being in our lives.
Before I go, I would like to mention that last week was the 'Week of the Military Child' We in the military understand that our children pay a heavy price when their mother or father is deployed. They do not ask to have their parent in the military and all too often they have little say in where they live, what schools they go to, or when their parent comes and goes. So, God bless our children. You are the joy of our hearts and our love for you is without measure. Thank you so much for being strong and for understanding that your mom or dad is sharing their life to help others. You guys are so awesome.
God Bless You All,


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