Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day Off...

Good Morning Everyone,

I had the day off today and so I walked around taking pictures so that you could see what is around our area.

This is a picture of the outside of my room. The left door is my room.

This is the path from the clinic to my room. The cement walls are there to protect us from mortars. The cement hallways are our bunkers to go into when we are hit with mortars.

This is the front of our clinic. It is called the Phipp's Troop Medical Clinic. It is named after a young soldier who was killed in action in I believe 2004. He was from Paris, Illinois.

This is the parking lot where we keep our ambulances.

This is our housing compound. It is surrounded by the mortar walls.

Now we enter our clinic. This is our lab. We can do CBC's, Metabolic Panels, Hemoglobins, and other basic labs. We also keep our autoclave's in here to sterile our instruments.

This is one of our exam rooms. They are more like ER suites, but it allows us to see three people in a room at once. So, much for privacy.

This is our main hallway. The door on the left is our radiology suite.

This is a soccer stadium that is right next to our gym. The significance of this field is that Saddam and one of his son's took the Iraqi soccer team to this field and slaughtered them for losing a game.

Here is the swimming pool next to the stadium, which you can see in the back ground. This was built by the Iraqi Army for their athletes. It has a ten meter platform diving board.

This is an outside shot of the Stadium. They put up blast walls for protection.

The base is one of Saddam's military air bases. We took it over and used the existing buildings as well as putting up some of our own. All and all it is not a bad place to be stationed if you have to be in this country.
I hope you all have a nice week.

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