Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Day of Work...

Good evening everyone,

Just a quick note tonight. We started our first day today. We have several missions. Our clinic is responsible for all of the immunizations on post, so our immunization section was pounded. They will have over 4000 flu vaccines to give this fall as well as the other immunizations. We also have the responsibility to evaluate all soldiers who are redeploying back home. We have to identify any medical issues that each soldier may have so that care can be coordinated with the medical facilities back in the States. In the clinic itself, we take care of soldiers, contractors, Iraqi Nationals, and foreign service workers. As you can imagine, we stay busy. Today we saw 110 patients on the first shift alone. So, I was a little taken back by the large amount responsibilities that this clinic has and I have been spending a great deal of time trying to get my hands around it all.

I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are very sharp. I am in charge of this facility, but honestly, it is by title only as Mike, Travis, and Bryan are really the co-leaders. I try to adopt the Ronald Reagan strategy of leadership which is to surround myself with people much smarter than myself. I am sure that I would be overwhelmed if not for their help.

I really want to share with everyone that our military is doing so much more here than just fighting a war. They are rebuilding a country. Now, the news doesn't cover this but the truth is that the military is here providing medical care, building schools, providing jobs and trying to truly win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. I am proud to be a part of an organization like the Army. They really do get up every morning to make this world a safer place to live.
I am completely in awe of the enormity of this effort. We are individually, such a small part, but all of these small parts make up one incredible protective force.

I will have some time tomorrow to clean up this blog a little bit. I will add some pictures and give you some more information on the customs and cultural mores of the Iraqi people. It is very interesting.

I would like to ask you to pray for the Christians in Mosul, which is a city north of us. Islamic extremist have taken over the city and are killing Christians. They are forcing the Christians to convert to Islam or they will kill them. So, we are having refugees who are fleeing. I will provide an article here tomorrow.

I want you guys to know that I am praying for you and thank you for keeping up with me. It is good to know that people back home are just an email away.

Love you all,


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Tony C said...

Hey Jeff,
Thanks for your service both to God and our country.

I look forward to following your blog.

I remember those C-130 jumpseats. I hope you didn't have to go far sitting in those because they're not very comfortable.

God be with you.