Sunday, October 26, 2008

Desert Flood

We recently had an unusual occurance. We had a desert thunderstorm that flooded our clinic and housing area. I was in Venice, Italy a few years ago and this reminds me of the famous canals, except...we are in the middle of the desert, the buildings are not ancient cathedrals, but brick walls and trailers, and the tourism is non-existent, but other than that it is just like Venice. ;0)

This is the main path to my room. I am just waiting for my gondola to arrive.

SSG Hougeson is about to head to work. Surprisingly, he must have come down with the flu because, five minutes later he called in sick. I'll be watching him.

Here is SSG French. She is our supply sergeant, but unfortunately she left the water pumps at home.
It is apparently very unusual to have this type of rain here. We are now waiting for the frogs to drop from the sky, the locust to come, and most of us are marking our doors. You never know.

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