Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Gift of the Heart...

I have been troubled by the number of divorces and relationships that go badly. In the military, the divorce rate is extremely high and in the civilian world half of all marriages will end in a divorce. We could argue about the cause of all of these failed marriages and I suppose all would be right on some level. But I have to say that marriages need to be based on love. The kind of love where you give your heart to your future spouse. It is difficult to actually trust someone to give your heart to because their is such pain if your partner rejects your love or violates your trust with your heart. It can be devestating. So, my advise to you young people who are considering marriage...Marry the person who you are willing to give your heart and be sure that that person understands the magnificent gift that he/she has just been given. If you are given the honor of having someone's love then do whatever it takes to hold on to that and to care for that love as if your life depended on it. A broken heart never really scars and can become hardened, and as a result makes it much more difficult to give it away again.
So scrutinize your marriage before you marry. Make sure you marry your friend and your soulmate. Spend a great amount of time in prayer and ask for the Lord's guidance. He will be faithful to answer. For those who are trying to reconcile a relationship, you have my prayers. I would suggest that instead of praying that the Lord will bring you the one you love back into your should pray for the wisdom and insight to do what is right, weather or not if the end result will be reconciliation. I pray for soften hearts, mercy, and grace. I am hopeful that the Lord will answer our prayers. For us all, we have had lessons learned and will be a better person because of those lessons and hardships. God knows what he is doing and he is maturing us to be his disciples. Seek Christ first for His guidance and you may be suprised by his response.

God Bless all of you and you are all in my prayers.


Tony C said...

Very wise words Jeff. Having failed in a marriage once myself, I spent a lot of self reflecting time on what I had done wrong. It came back to a very simple answer...God was not first in my life nor my relationship.

Puttng God first in my life has made a world of difference on many fronts. I'm a much better husband, father, brother, son and friend.

I tell young people talking marriage that nobody getting married thinks divorce will happen to them...yet 1 in 2 marriages fail. And, going through a divorce is one of the most difficult life experiences you will ever make sure, pray and listen for God's response.

Take care...stay safe.

Roxy said...

marriage is so takes work, and I think people just don't want to WORK when it needs it.
As a mom of 2 little ones, I'm reminded to keep my marital relationship ahead of "mommy". That is the best gift I can give them... a happy marriage. Of course, it takes planning, date night/babysitters, and lots of communication.
Thanks for the topic.

Oh...flu shots...little ones too?

Jeff said...


Thank you for your encouraging words. Marriage is work. We all bring in expectations and previous experiences with us into a marriage. We soon find that marriage is not simply a life event or a golden road to paradise, but a relationship that requires communication and honesty. Anyway, thank you for writing and yes, children as young as 6 months should receive the influenza vaccine. Be sure to check with your doctor for the risk, side effects, and any predisposing conditions that might make the flu vaccine contraindicated.