Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Panoramic View and an Eight Legged Monster...

Good Post Election Afternoon Everyone,

Our friend, Col. Dave took a few panoramic view of our clinic, in doors and out. I thought you would like to see what our job space looks like.

This is the outside of our clinic. We have two FLA (ambulances) here on site and additional ambulances at an off site facility to respond to the needs of the base.

Here is a photo of one of our trauma rooms. As you can see we still have fairly antiquated equipment.
Here is our main trauma room. We have our crash cart in here. This is also the room where we perform minor surgical procedures, suturing, and other invasive procedures.
We have finally, acheived a full status of medical providers, so we are up to speed as far as having a full staff.

We are prepared for most emergencies and are equipped to handle a mass casualty situation if the need arises.
Last night we did have an IED hit one of our convoys just outside of the gate. Fortunately, the injured were closer to the ER at the hospital, so they were transported there by our EMS personnel.

Then today we had a mortar land fairly close to our facility. Luckily, no injuries were sustained.

Now below is something that is off the subject but thought I would share it with you. This animal in the picture below is a camel spider. They are found all over the country. I borrowed this photo from an online source. It is a good picture of how big these things get.

Imagine waking up with this thing in your sleeping bag.

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