Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Good Evening Everyone,

I am posting some pictures from our Christmas Eve and Christmas day celebrations. I played Santa Clause for the Christmas Eve party and then again for the Base Parade. The padded suit was hot and scratchy but it was a great deal of fun passing out candy and cookies to the soldiers.

Picture 1: Bryan asleep on Christmas day. He got up early to open his gifts but before he could make it to the tree, he grabbed his blanket and he doggy and fell asleep. And he was on duty.

Picture 2: Bryan is getting ready to go to lunch, but something isn't right. Look at his hat. Andy had taken his hat over to the ladies who sew patches on our uniforms and had Bryan's rank sewed on sideways. It isn't the first time Andy has played a practical joke. I will tell you about his antics later.

Picture 1: This is our vaccination section and a few of our medics. They were all in the holiday mood.

Picture: Yes indeed! SFC Ski is actually working. We had switch day at work on Christmas. The leadership took the place of the enlisted troops and we let them have the day off. Here Sgt. Ski is actually scrubbing the base boards as Lt. Clifton-Mason looks on in disbelief.

Picture 1: Here is Sgt. Easom. The pictures here were taken by her. She is are unit photographer and an awesome medic.

Picture 2: Here is Lt. Nott, Lt. Latino, and Cpt. McFarland. You can see how hard they are working on switch day. It really is the same work they do on every work day.

Picture 1: Here is Sgt. Beechler in the background, Corporal Gilbert in the foreground and then there is Spc. Buchmeier giving his thumbs up. Buchmeier just returned from Germany. I sent him up there to have a septoplasty. He is a professional wrestler, who wrestles under the name, 'The Physical Fascination Brandon Bishop.' If you go on YouTube you can see some of his matches. He is actually the nicest guy I have ever met.

Picture 2: Here Spc. Burke. I think she is a little suspicious of getting a cookie from me. I think she thinks I laced the cookies with Ex-Lax.

Picture 1: Here is our supply guy, Sgt. Hougeson.

Picture 2: I think Bryan has some issues. I had to walk around all night with him clinging to me.

Picture 1: These are our optometry crew.

Picture 1: Here Buchmeier is having wrestling flashbacks.

Picture 2: Dr. Jose Baez on the left and Tim our RN is on the right.

Picture 1: Lt. Latino and Santa

Picture 2: Here is Mike and Dave. They both still believe that Santa Clause is real. It's just sad, really.

Picture 1: This is our XO Cpt. Schroeder

Picture 2: SSG Thomas. He one of our four horsemen whose job it is to protect the leadership element of our company from all enemies foreign and domestic and they are also in charge of appropriating equipment that we can't get through appropriate channels. Anyone who has been in the Army knows how valuable guys like this can be.

Picture 1: Here is Spc. Hudnell and our Christmas Tree. He is like 6'8 and had a scholarship to the Citadel and turned it down to go to a civilian college. He is getting ready to be commissioned as a second lieutenant. He is going to be a quality officer.
Picture 2: Here is our parade vehicle. It is an FLA, (Ambulance). It wasn't the most comfortable ride in the world but here Santa and his helpers are tossing out candy.
Well, these are some of our Christmas activities. I want you all to know that the troops here are well cared for and are doing well. We are a family here and our closeness helps to take away the ache that we all have from not being at home. Thank you for your support and kind letters and care packages. We always cherish a word from home.
God Bless,


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