Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Travel Pictures

Well the flu is going around our company and everyone has the sniffles. We actually had a patient who really had influenza A. It was taken from a nostril swab. Often times we pick up some sort of virus and assume it is Influenza but often times it isn't. So, we are all a little under the weather.
The other day we finally received our foot lockers that we had sent forward from Washington State. In my foot locker, I had my external hard drive where I had most of my photos stored. So tonight I thought I would share a few photos with you.

As many of you know, Karen and I have a passion for travelling. Even after Karis was born, we continued to travel. I am hoping that she will develop the same passion for exploring other countries and cultures as we have. I used an Olympus Camera to take each of these photo's and I have been pleased with the outcomes.

So with little introduction, I will start.
The Red Desert of Arizona

Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. This is where Celine Dion held her shows.
I am not a fan of Vegas as the city is nothing but gambling, drinking, stage shows and empty souls looking for fulfillment in the wrong places.

The Hoover Dam

Zion National Park, Utah

The Grand Canyon

These are little monkey's that I encountered in Costa Rica. They were crafty theives. While one would distract you, another one would steal the hat off of your head. Here a German woman had her bike knocked over by a couple of aggressive monkeys and had the contents in the basket of her bike stolen.

A black sandy beach in Costa Rica

This is Karis in front of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World in Florida.

Mount Ranier Washington State

Gatlinburgh, Tennessee

These flowers were taken on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Jefferson's Monument, Washington, D.C.

This is a church in Koln, or Cologne, Germany. During WWII ferocious battle were fought in this beautiful city. Both sides made very careful efforts to not harm this church during bombing runs and mortar fire. It remained intact and is still in use today.

This is the Atomium Structure near Brussels, Belgium. The design is in the form of a unit cell of an iron crystal and was built for the 1958 world's fair.

This is Old Luxembourg City in the country of Luxembourg. This city was built along the river so that the locals could have quick access to the water way. Unfortunately, due to it's location in the valley, the town was an easy target for enemy aggression. As a result, this city was conquered numerous times by different countries. Eventually, the locals built a large brick wall around the entire city and posted guards. Most of the wall has since fallen but there are still some standing wall structure left to see. Look at the upper right portion of the picture and you can see the wall.

Windmills of the Netherlands. These mills are used to remove water from the marsh areas of Holland. Families used to live in these mills and you can go inside and see the home decor. that was used many years ago.

The British Parliament, London England

This is a portion of a beach on the small pacific island of Moorea. It is the island that I referred to in my book, 'Hannah KaReese and the Island of Moorea. The Island is part of the French Polynesian Chain and is just a short flight from Tahiti.

Lake Louis, Banff, Canada

13,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Lighthouse in Maine. I took this one from a boat when we took a dinner cruise of the harbor.

Alaska. The beauty here was breath taking. The sea otters that followed along our boat kept us entertained.

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