Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Congratulations to President Obama,

Let us all pray that this man will use his position for altruistic purposes. May the Lord bless his decisions and may the Holy Spirit fill him and guide his actions. As many of you know, I did not and would not vote for this man, simply based upon my faith and convictions, but we must all believe that the Lord knows what he is doing. We must have faith that our prayers will be answered and that the President will be good for our country. It is easy to criticize, but it takes a noble and honorable person to be optimistic in the face of doubt. Let us all give this man a chance and trust our Lord who is the One who is really in charge. Praise the Lord for the amazingly diverse country that we live in and for the peaceful transition of power. I am hopeful that President Obama's election will help to break down the walls that divide us and allow us to move forward with a united confidence based not on race or gender, but on common ideas and an optimistic hope. May the Lord bless us all.


Tony C said...

Well said Jeff.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Jeff said...

Thanks for following along all of this time. I haven't taken the time to comment back to you, but I believe you and I share a common faith and that is so refreshing. I hope you are well and thank you for your kind words.