Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bryan's Big Adventure...

Good Evening All,

Well Mike and I took Bryan to Catfish Air, which is our helicopter airport, and we sent him on his way. He will be covering for a physician who will be coming here for a few days. Steph, I don't want you to worry about Bryan, he will be fine. There will only be two things that will concern Bryan when he gets there; Is there internet service, so that he can talk to you and is there mold on the shower curtain. He tends to be a little germaphobic so it will be a muxt that he has sterile showering quarters. In all seriousness, he is just up the road and will be back and a couple of days. I want to thank him for stepping up and taking on this mission.

Well, LTC Tim Barnard came by last week for a visit. Tim is one of our Indiana providers and he is stationed at Camp Buerhing in Kuwait. He was up for a conference. He came by to hang out with us. He is a great guy and has a story for everything. We came up through the officer ranks together. He has always been a couple of years ahead of me. That just means he's older.

We took a few photos together while he was down. They are kind of blurry but there not to bad. I will post them below.

Kudos to Travis as he was interviewed by a television station to talk about orthorpaedic injuries, more specifically about non-combative ankle injuries. Apparently, the interview will be picked up by the Pentagon channel and broadcast all over the world. Yes, he is going around asking people if they want his autograph.

It turns out that my little article on skin cancer went out over UPI and has been picked up by some papers in the United States. So, that is exciting. The article if fluff but hey it is something worth bragging about.

Well, everyone it is March Madness time. It is an exciting year. There are about 6-7 teams that could win it all and about 4-5 Cinderella teams that could spoil their chances. One of the teams that we are watching closely is Butler University. Mike teaches there and Travis and Bryan graduated from there. So, we are rooting for this small school of 3,000 or so to make their impact this year. I think Pittsburgh and Memphis are the teams to watch, although Memphis is struggling right now against CS Northridge.

Weather has cleared up and it has been very nice. We have had a hiatus in the mortar attacks, so pray that that continues. I am getting excited about going home. I almost forgot what it was like to go to see a real tree. Karen and Karis showed me our cat Tybalt on Skype the other night an he has gotten so fat. I need to get home and get him to work. He waddles around like a penguin.

Today is Dr. Mike Jones birthday, so happy birthday to him. We will celebrate tomorrow. He is having some difficulty urinating as his prostate is getting so big and he has had some difficulty finding his socks in the morning, so we send over a soldier to help him dress in the morning. Yesterday, he asked if Truman had been re-elected. It is sad...but we take care of him.

Samantha Hatfield and Beth Theiman just stopped by and wanted to borrow my 9mm. They wanted to go over to the PX and they thought it would look 'cool' to wear a pistol. I am going to make them clean it for me before they return. Today was also Hatfields birthday. She is 20 years old. Can you imagine...They are just babies.

Getting back to business. We will be having a cook out on the 24th of March. That day will be one of the two days where we will have all of the providers together at the same time. We are tasked out so much for other missions that we are hardly ever together. Hopefully, I can get some pictures up of that next week.

Well, I want you all to know that we appreciate the support that you provide for us while we are hear. It is so nice knowing that we have you all to come home to.
God Bless You,

L-R: Travis, Tim, Me, Mike, Bryan

Mike and myself

Mike having a 'needy' moment. He's very touchy feely.

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beeceem said...

My little trip was great. Didn't mind doing it. Just as I get back Jeff is gone home to spend some time with his family. Have fun Jeff. Tell the fam hello. See ya soon.