Monday, March 9, 2009

Dust Storms and Sunburns...

Good Evening Everyone,

Well we are again in the middle of a dust storm. The dust is so thick that our hair gets covered in sand just by walking to the gym. As usual, the enemy uses this opportunity to launch attacks. When the weather is like this the tower guards can't see them and so they launch motars and rockets. Our drones patrol the skies but they can get their attack off before the drones can get to them. Tonight we were hit just down the road from us. I am not sure if anyone has been hurt at this time as the attack just finished. We have not had any casualties show up in our clinic. Let's pray that they didn't hit anyone.

Well we should be getting Andy back on the 20th. This will be great help for us as it could free us up to actually have a day off. Right now we get one day out of eight off and that is our post call day. So we generally sleep that day.

Below I added an article that was written for a military news paper. I was interviewed about skin cancer. As you can see, I talked about wearing sun screen and protecting your skin. Well, three days ago, I was post call and so I went up to the roof of our clinic and layed out on one of those long fold out lawn chairs. Well, I fell asleep and I was out there for an hour and a half. Now, I am as red as a lobster. I have taken so much heat for this as everyone saw that irony of me ignoring my own articles advise.

Working with the guys that I do is sort of like riding the bus in Jr. High School. Everyday someone is going to get picked on by the others. Well, yesterday was my turn. It's a little like the Lord of the Flies. Tomorrow I'm guessing it will be Bryan's turn to take the heat.

Below is the article about skin cancer. It is that time of year coming up so protect yourselves and wear sunblock and limit your time in the sun.

As far as our time here goes it is going quickly. The weeks go by quickly but the days tend to drag out. Today, I received some very tastee snickerdoodle cookies from Monica Allen. She is a Nurse Practitioner that I work with. Despite her being a Nurse Practitioner she is a very nice person. ;0)

I want to thank Mike our dentist for his work. Since he has been here he has provided orthodonic care for many of our troops. The Army does not pay for orthodonic care for soldiers in theater, but he has provided these services on his own time and has paid for the orthodonic supplies out of his own pocket. As you know, retainers and braces can be very expensive. So, he does us a great favor and we are so appreciative of his work.

Above is a picture that I received from my daughter. She colored this for me. All I am saying is that she is a genius. I think this is right up there with Monet, Picasso. If you ask nicely, I can get her autograph for you. :o) I am so proud of Karis. She has been such a blessing to us and we could not have asked for a more compassionate and well mannered child. Her honesty and positive outlook on the world humbles me and at times I feel like she teaching me valuable lessons in life. I am reminded of the scripture when Jesus invited a child to him and said, "Unless you become like a child, you shall not enter the Kingdom." I pray that I can become like that. Innocent and optomistic, honest and open, Godly and full of wonderment. As we grow and age, we end up knowing things and experiencing things that we wish we could forget about. Those things can harden hearts and prevent us from being child like. I pray for the innocence that my daughter has.

Well, I have talked about Maj. Jones and LTC Perez. Well here they are. Dr. Perez is on the left. He is such a blessing to us. Dr. Jones is on the right. You probably can't see it but he has a this magical dimple on his left cheek and all the girls just love it. I personally think it is nothing more than a facial deformity and have encouraged him to get it fixed. I think it is a deadly weapon and there is a chance that his dimple can be used for dangerous purposes. That large deformity has made him the Golden Boy of the Medical Corps. He gets choice duty assignments, promotions, and preferential treatment every time he whips that thing out and uses it. I have encouraged him to use his dimple for good and not evil, but it has gone to his head and he puts it on display regularly for everyone to see. Now, I am not jealous. I am just concerned about his well being. I want to get him help. Because I'm a giver. I think he needs dimple counselling. I will continue to help him through this and make sure that he is able to reaclimate to the world of normal people.

I have a favor to ask. We have become friends with a group of contractors from Turkey. We go over to their compound and have dinner with them every Sunday. The problem that they have is that the military will not let them utilize the post PX or the dining facilities. As a result, they have to obtain basic essentials from Turkey. When I say basic essentials, I am talking about soap, shampoo, toothpaste, feminine products, etc... They have ordered these products from Turkey but the Iraqi customs will not let the products enter the country. I believe there are tensions between the two countries. So, I would like to ask if any of you are willing to send some of these basic items to me so that I can dispense them to these kind people.

My address is:
Major Jeffery S. Romig
215th ASMC
Joint Base Balad
APO AE 09391

Any help that we receive would be greatly appreciated. We have sent them some things already but it fall short of what they need.

Well, I will close for now. You guys are awesome and I have appreciated your e-mails and encouragement. Please continue to pray for peace.

God Bless,


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Leslie said...

I agree, Karis is a genius! That picture is beautiful! i know she has to be so excited to have you coming back soon for a visit. Yes, Doc Jones needs some serious dimple counseling. It's a very dangerous thing. As I do think the dimple is responsible for some of his preferential treatment, I think the rest is due to his laid back attitude. (Ie: "Doc Jones, you need to do ____." "Oh, ok." Never an argument. He even lets Mary call him Mikey!)

I keep forgetting to tell you that my sister is pregnant! She will be 19 weeks on 14MAR09. She is due 09AUG09. I am hoping that she will go a couple of days early so I can visit her on our 3 day leave from Fort Sill prior to deployment. (Pending they decide to let us leave Fort Sill. They are trying to say that our families are supposed to come and visit us there, but I don't see the area-ramped with meth and gangs-as being any too family friendly.) Anyway, we should find out in a couple of weeks the sex of the baby. I haven't had the heart to tell her I'm deploying yet. She is already hormonal and I don't want to upset her. I guess I'll have to tell her sooner or later.

Also, John has his apartment up here and is waiting for his IST to the IN guard to go through. He has a tech job waiting for him after he gets here. (He's living with his dad in TX until his IST is complete.) His promotion to CPT will go through no sooner than 30 days after he gets to IN, because IN requires an OER from IN prior to promotion. I don't think that is quite fair but he's ok with it as long as it goes through prior to the deployment.

I hope your sunburn heals quickly. I can't imagine anyone teasing you ;)

Do you have a specific list of how many of each items the soldiers from Turkey would need? I could put up a letter at Fort Ben and also with my church to see if I can get some care packages sent :)

Welp, I have to go. I'll talk to you later!