Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Photos...

Good Evening All,
Well we are on the final days of our deployment. So, the other day we had some down time in the clinic and me and my medics/EMT's decided to goof around and take some pictures. I hope you will enjoy...

This is a picture of all of our providers minus Drew.
L to R (1st row): Diana Riera, Bryan
(2nd row): Me, Tim (our clinic nurse), Travis, Mike, and Dr. Dollens
(* Diana Riera she is a pediatric gastroenterologist. So naturally the Army sent her here to take care of soldiers. She is awesome.)

Mike, Tasha (My favorite medic), and Bryan

SGT. Wilson, SPC Burke, Myself, and Tasha

SPC Wilkey, Myself, SPC Hudnell
Our super human strength tends to wow the ladies. :0)

Yes this is me with the 'Physical Fascination, Brandon Bishop'
Brandon is a professional wrestler in his civilian life. I keep him around as my body guard.
We are all gym rats here and spend a great deal of time exercising. It looks like I have a long ways to go before I hit the professional wrestling circuit.

Samantha Hatfield, Myself, and Rella Huesman. These girls are very sharp young ladies. I spend a great deal of time keeping the guys away. I have a stick and a can of pepper spray that I use when the boys come around.

This is one of my three shifts of medics. This group is so much fun and so proficient that we look forward to coming into work when they are 1st up.

Lately we have had simply awful sandstorms. I will post some pictures of those storms a little later.
I hope you are all well. Thank you for checking in.

Love you all,


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