Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day...

Good Evening Everyone,

We would all like to wish you a very happy Fourth of July. Today we celebrate our independence from those oppressive British Scallywags. So, let us celebrate by eating hotdogs, roasting marshmellows, and spreading gossip about the Queen. :0)

I hope you are all well.

God Bless,



beeceem said...

Bah! Humbug! I am just glad this will be our LAST holiday spent here.
Happy 4th! We all should be glad for our freedom regardless of where we are. We still have our FREE country to go back home to! God bless America!

Eric K said...

Happy 4th Jeff! Look forward to seeing you upon your return.

Eric K

Jeff said...

Thanks Eric,
I hope you and Kelly are doing well. As you know, I have been gone for about two years and haven't had a chance to visit. Let's get together when I get home.

Take care,